Making the most of IT

Manufacturing: meeting the global challenge

A combination of globalisation, increased regulation and a drive for more effective production processes means the manufacturing industry is turning increasingly to IT to help remain both compliant and innovative.

From automotive to aerospace, pharmaceuticals to plastics, manufacturing contributes £6.7tr to the global economy.

The UK is currently the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world, delivering 11% of the nation's Gross Value Added (GVA), more than 54% of UK exports and directly employing 2.6 million people.

With a lot of help from IT

Automation, R&D evaluation, data processing are just some of the elements that are being driven by improved IT across the manufacturing sector.

In Peru's experience, there are a number of key issues in the manufacturing sector that can, and need to, be addressed by IT:

  • Striking the right balance between global operations and local autonomy
  • Implementing local systems that can be readily integrated with centralised telecomms, infrastructure and sourcing arrangements to maximise business efficiency
  • Rationalisation of data centres to reduce cost while driving improved views of business performance and customer requirements
  • Transforming IT function to drive innovation and growth, while managing build and operating costs to enhance business efficiency
  • Enabling employees through secure end-user devices with feature-rich applications
  • Engaging with customers through compelling, transaction-enabled B2C portals
  • Improving supply chain efficiency through effective business processes and automated BTB gateways
  • Developing effective IT outsourcing strategy and contract negotiation to drive efficiency and focus on core skills

A Peruvian approach

Peru offers expertise in manufacturing IT from development of initial strategies through benchmarking to optimisation of existing systems and/or design, implementation and migration of new applications and processes.

Peru has a track record in delivering effective outcomes for the manufacturing sector in benchmarkingapplication rationalisation, contract & service reviewsIT Outsourcing and Data Centre Migration.

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