Making the most of IT

Public Sector: putting IT to work for society

With UK Central Government departments driving towards digitisation, the healthcare and education sectors looking to increase patient and student engagement, and defence turning to technology to strengthen security, public sector IT is in the spotlight more than ever.

The UK's Public Sector is constantly providing challenges to IT systems, processes and suppliers as demand for technological solutions to political, social and economic change increases.  The most recent referendum decision for Britain to exit the EU only serves to add to that pressure.

Trying to make sense of how to meet these new requirements, often using a predominantly legacy-based infrastructure requires a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience.

Meeting the IT challenge

The Digital Government agenda is stimulating all areas of the public sector to re-evaluate their IT estates.  This starts with understanding existing and future consumption needs, to benchmarking best practice and supplier provision, the total cost of IT ownership and preparing for - and implementing - cloud-based provision.

As part of the Bramble Hub, Peru is ideally placed to offer expertise in all of these areas to UK-based public sector organisations.  These include:

  • IT Service Consumption Review: A unique approach to internally and cloud-hosted IT infrastructure and management. An independent and realistic appraisal of an organisation’s IT consumption needs to balance existing spend and new investment.
  • IT Cloud Expense Management (ITEM) Service: Tools and knowledge to make substantial immediate, and sustainable long-term, OPEX savings of typically between 10% – 30%.
  • Total Cost of Ownership Review: Analysis of IT costs to establish potential financial benefits from new investment, particularly through exploiting and optimising Cloud Services, leading to sustainable annual savings of around 10% – 40%.
  • IT Price and Service Benchmarking: A comparative cost and service analysis, to show where organisations can extract value from private and public IT cloud spend, typically of around 10% – 20%. This includes data centre rationalisation of data centres.
  • ‘Cloud Readiness Review’: A simple but effective way to inform IT Departments of the challenges they need to address within their own organisation and IT estate before Cloud can be truly beneficial.
  • Cloud Services Transition Managment: IT outsource and cloud transitions using best-practice models to ensure delivery that is on time, to requirement and budget, and that build strong, sustainable service provider relationships.
  • Cloud SIAM and Operating Model Design Service: Design and implementation of IT Operating Models, Service and Integration Management systems for organisations with a complex array of cloud IT services to deliver the of mixed delivery models.

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