Taking IT to the streets

Retail: The race is on!

The competition to win consumers is now the greatest challenge facing the retail sector.  IT can, and should, be leading the way in winning the race and meeting this key business objective.

According to Peru's research, the battle for customers is top of the agenda for most IT Directors in the retail sector.  That means a need for an agile and responsive business that can handle an increasingly complex supply chain and customer insight data, with equally agile IT to support it.

But, there is also a challenge to drive cost out of organisations at a time when margins are under pressure.

Making IT work for the business

In Peru's experience, effective management of IT infrastructure and systems in the retail sector can:

  • Balance 'quick' wins with sustainable transformation of the retail cost base.
  • Support rapidly changing customer experience demands including: omni-channel supply chains, digital stores, in-store wifi and contactless payments
  • Ensure a laser-sharp focus on when and where to invest in IT growth, while maximising existing assets to manage cost
  • Maintain a competitive business-edge by enhancing and accelerating fulfilment.
  • Improve resiliance and reduce risk, helped by cloud-based services and applications
  • Create fully integrated networks both in-house between head office, retail outlets, distribution and data centres; and also with supplier networks.

A Peruvian approach

Peru offers wide-ranging expertise in IT Strategy, Architecture, Sourcing, Transformation and Optimisation, combined with retail-specific knowledge and experience.

Working for major national and multi-national retailers, Peru recognises the challenges faced by IT teams in creating infrastructures, systems and services that can add value to overall business objectives.

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Delivering the Retail Technology Experience is a survey of more than 100 of the UK's retail IT Directors, revealing the fault lines developing between IT strategies and consumer shopping habits.

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