Pragmatism with
people at heart

Our values

Peru's commitment to help our clients get the most out of their IT is driven by a clear set of values that underpin the way we run our business and in every piece of work we undertake.


Technology is a tool, but it's people that use it and Peru believes people come first.  In so many IT-related projects, process can overtake the people involved and we recognise that helping an organisation through IT and business change needs a personal, supportive approach to succeed.  Every member of the Peru team is committed to offering that support to every client, regardless of role or status.


Peru believes in a practical approach to IT - the reality that, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Pragmatism means not recommending novelty for the sake of it and seeking optimal performance rather than trying to achieve absolute perfection.


Peru is committed to ensuring that everything it does offers more than just a statement of fact or direction. We believe it is important for our clients and ourselves to understand why a situation, process or product is the way it is and what this means currently and for the future.  This is insight and comes from experience, market awareness and sector focus.


Peru people use creative and intelligent approaches to problem solving and also to ensuring that potential solutions are appropriate and tailored to meet client requirements.


Peru is fiercely independent in its approach to IT.  While we are open to new ideas and listen carefully to clients, suppliers and market analysts alike, we will not be influenced by industry hype, sales pressure or 'hidden' agendas. We believe our independence is paramount to maintaining credibility with our clients and their suppliers.


Peru prides itself on its integrity with clients and suppliers.  Our philosophy is to ensure transparency in reporting, benchmarking and negotiation and we always encourage similar values in the clients we work with.  These are reflected in the Trust Matrix.

Trust Matrix


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