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Peru's commitment

When dozens of the UK’s health-related public organisations were set to merge, the combined ICT function for the resulting single healthcare agency faced a major challenge. How to separate sophisticated science IT from day-to-day business applications? The new organisation’s ICT strategy required the technically challenging systems to be managed in-house, whilst reducing business IT support by outsourcing providers where possible.

Peru committed to supporting the new ICT team in identifying systems potentially suitable for outsourced management, based on maturity of the service and cost comparisons with the current internal support.

The substance

Peru’s ‘people come first’ approach was particularly important in the management of this project. So, before looking at the technology and the numbers, Peru ran a detailed study of the ICT function through structured personal interviews and site visits. Then followed:

  • Detailed analysis of service documentation
  • An operating model review
  • A cost-base analysis.

With that work completed, Peru could provide:

  •  An evidence-based assessment for the relative maturity and run costs of:
    • Strategy and supplier management
    • Helpdesk, second line support and end-user computing
    • E-mail, collaboration and remote access service
    • Data storage, network, hosting and infrastructure applications
    • Security policy, firewall management and policy compliance management
  • Comparison of the organisation’s service delivery costs in key areas against Peru’s anonymised benchmark data of similar client organisations
  • Service prioritisation for outsourcing based on maturity of the existing service, outsourced versus in-house management costs and organisational readiness
  • A wide-ranging set of interim efficiency improvements for existing services, as well as identification of single points of failure or delivery risk

The outcomes

On the basis of Peru’s evidence-based assessment report, our client was able make informed judgements regarding outsourcing specific IT services. Peru's perceived independence was critical to avoid the recommendations being viewed as pre-determined, thus adding weight to the conclusions. In addition:

  • The service improvements identified by Peru were subsequently incorporated into a rolling improvement programme once the health agency had been fully established.
  • Results from this project informed and complemented a separate initiative to assess this client’s applications portfolio and identify possible rationalisation opportunities.


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