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architecture iconApplication, Data & Infrastructure Architecture Roadmap for a global insurance company

Peru's commitment

In response to a new business strategy, Peru's client needed to create an IT Architecture that clearly delivered business value whilst at the same time being efficient and scalable. The overriding objective was to help 'make IT work better for the business’ whist focusing on key IT enablers such as common platforms to achieve efficiencies in the insurance value chain and common data to help turn analytics and digital marketing into a science.

The substance

Peru worked closely with our client's business and IT teams to:

  • Identify the key business drivers and the technology strategies related to them
  • Understand the future application, technology platform and data needs of the organisation, including the potential use of cloud-based services to help deploy solutions more quickly
  • Clearly define the supporting application and IT infrastructure architecture
  • Define a set of vendor products including the necessary technology roadmaps
  • Provide a deeper, clearer understanding of technology procurement cycles and therefore the total cost of ownership

This initial work led to the development of a standardised, modular IT architecture capable of scaling in line with business needs.  This was supported by a Total Cost of Ownership model which could be justified to the organisation. It was an architecture solution that decoupled data from the technology platforms themselves, thus enabling more effective business intelligence.  Standardised technology interfaces across the organisation also meant simpler data integration.

The outcomes

As a result of Peru's input, our client was able to look forward to lower-cost IT architecture for the future achieved through a clear roadmap,  This showed the steps to achieving an integrated data solution which, in turn, could create increased revenue from their customer caseload.

The technology building blocks needed to help the IT function achieve a long-term, productive relationship with the rest of the business were put in place, pinpointing where IT could add the most value as the organisation developed.

What our client said:

“Peru have given us a clear technology vision for our IT services” Head of Architecture


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