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Strategy iconCloud Migration for industrial digitisation organisation

Peru's commitment

Focused on industrial digitisation, this client employs more than 130,000 people with a global reach across the utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure sectors.

The client had a highly ambitious business case for consolidating its data to the Cloud and three Regional data centres. Data and application migration was an essential element in fulfilling the plan to the satisfaction of the Executive Board.

Peru committed to:

  • Identify and protecting production-critical systems
  • Maximise the security of commercially sensitive material
  • Ensure management compliance of data regulated by national or international authorities
  • Provide assurance of technical and governance buy-in across the organisation for every migration
  • Ensure positive impact on the financial bottom line

The substance

From defining the requirements for Cloud service provision through to implementation and evaluation, Peru worked with the client on all aspects of the process.  This included:

  • Agreeing the technical, service and commercial specifications required of a Cloud Service Provider
  • Developing formal requirement documents for an open and transparent third-party supplier bidding process
  • Assessing and prioritising supplier responses in a consistent and auditable way
  • Presenting a clear, structured and justifiable case for the selection of the winning supplier to the programme Executive Board for review and approval
  • Working with business stakeholders, the third-party migration partner and selected Cloud hosting provider to establish a working ‘production line’ for data migration, with filters to remove unsuitable systems or data
  • Establishing a multi-stakeholder governance process to control data throughput, ensure quality of service to users and address issues efficiently where they arose
  • Providing a repeatable, controlled, factory-type process, where groups of applications with similar security profiles and complexity were migrated along common ‘production lines’
  • Embedding Peru specialists within the organisation to fulfill key roles at the ‘factory’ and ‘production line’ levels
  • Producing a repository of documented evidence to allow comprehensive internal and external audit of all axpects of the migration process, security, controls and finances.

The outcomes

Through a collaborative process the client and Peru Consulting quickly understood the ‘size of the prize’ in terms of the data and applications that could be successfully hosted in the Cloud with maximum cost benefits. This was instrumental in achieving the end results:

  • Significant cost reduction and increased productivity across the organisation
  • Proactive and positive management of a range of new and incumbent cloud migration suppliers to balance 'load', maximise efficiency and effectiveness of delivery and, where required, phase out poor performance
  • Auditable governance and Quality Assurance throughout the migration process with total transparency of application and data movement
  • Hundreds of applications migrated to the Cloud, with subsequent internal audits passing the QA regime with ‘flying colours’.

What our client said:

As the programme moved on we realised, with the help of Peru Consulting’s modelling efforts, that there were substantial reductions we could make in costs to migrate systems and subsequently host them, if we could be more flexible about the requirements for moving to the Cloud, for example, or for reviewing how security policies were applied” VP, Global Engineering, Data Centre Migration Programme


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