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Peru's commitment

Migration of a multi-national IT service provision platform, from obsolete system to leading-edge solution, involved more than just internal resources for one of the world’s largest financial services and insurance companies. Market-leading solutions and strong relationship management were vital in ensuring a smooth, disruption-free transition for more than 50,000 users, across nine countries, with an immovable deadline.

Peru committed to leading the management of the service transformation process, ensuring all third party stakeholders worked together for the client’s benefit.

The substance

Although the transition benefits were not in doubt, maintaining a positive and collaborative environment that put people’s needs before the technology was critical for this project. In order to do this, Peru:

  • Took on overall support of the programme plan, with progress measured by key milestones and agreed deliverables
  • Ensured all workstream dependencies were managed effectively to minimise disruption to the programme timeline
  • Established robust governance which required stakeholders to interact constructively and take accountability for their agreed actions and decisions
  • Ensured the Design Phase outputs, generated by a third party, were of sufficient quality to allow the system to be built with minimal delay or re-design.
  • Spearheaded the development work and ensure workshops, document drafting and communication maximise the value and detail of the eventual solution
  • Oversaw a rigorous testing regime which included test scripts, scenarios and use cases detailed enough to avoid basic configuration omissions or errors at the implementation stage
  • Ensured all requirements were in place, from all parties, to meet the ‘go-live’ date

The outcomes

Overall, our client considered this its most successful complex IT programme delivery, recognising Peru Consulting as a key driver in success, which included:

  • A ‘go-live switchover to the new service platform achieved on time
  • Delighted users who clearly recognised the benefits of the new solution over the previous system
  • Zero disruption to users’ and delivery agents’ day-to-day working during and following the switchover
  • A service solution tailored appropriately for different user groups, with customised service levels and transparency of performance
  • A flexible, standardised solution that could be rapidly expanded to include more users as the organisation expanded.
  • An improved working relationship with its incumbent third part service provider which significantly enhanced new contract negotiations


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