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Strategy iconData Centre Migration for a Global Engineering Leader


Peru's commitment

A world leader in engineering for markets such as power generation and distribution, this company set out to decommission tens of global data centres and consolidate its IT for business and factory support. The migration involved more than 2000 applications and data moving from local sites to Cloud and enterprise-grade strategic data centres, managed by leading third party suppliers.

Peru Consulting committed to developing a phased approach, prioritising the exit from the most operationally costly data centres. In addition Peru made commitments to ensure:

  • Minimal demands on business stakeholders during migration preparations
  • Negligible impact to the business or factory production during migration
  • No deterioration of application performance (availability and responsiveness) post migration
  • A complete, quality-assured repository of documentation and approvals available for both internal and external audit of the migration
  • Sensitive handling of data centre closures due to impact on local employees

The substance

Reporting directly to the Programme Director, Peru's Senior Consultants worked collaboratively with internal teams at all levels to drive the migration.

In particular the programme involved:

  • Creating a clear brief, sourcing assistance and response assessment leading to the appointment of a world-class migration partner. They required the competence and capacity to perform Cloud and centre-based application and data migrations on an industrial scale. Assessment “packages” allowed rapid review with a high level of confidence
  • Using the highest level of change management skills to ensure the buy-in of often-sceptical world-wide internal stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Governance of the highest quality and agility to drive clearly measureable and auditable progress with all stakeholders, while minimising disruption to the business.
  • Designing and developing an optimal delivery model and plan for the Programme, incorporating industry best practice, key programme assumptions, organisational constraints, system sophistication and business criticality elements.
  • Building an end-to-end process map for the repeatable migration of applications, and final exit, from local data centres to Cloud and strategic internal centres.
  • Implementing a 'factory-style' processing method, with similar groups of applications migrated along common ‘production lines’, thereby providing a repeatable, controlled process.

The outcomes

Being at the heart of such a significant Data Centre Migration Programme, Peru Consulting was able to deliver and identify a range of key outcomes for the client.  These included:

  • Global recognition of Programme Excellence for the IT team by creating high quality, repeatable delivery processes using agile methods.
  • Successful selection of a best-practice migration partner working with the company and Peru Consulting to deliver a seamless data migration
  • Effective change management through excellent communications, knowledge management and stakeholder engagement at all level
  • Sustained resilience of effort by all stakeholders to ensure success and overcome a variety of technical and operational obstacles

To date, hundreds of application migrations have been conducted and subsequent internal audits passed the entire process with ‘flying colours’. The Programme continues towards a successful conclusion with the support and experience of Peru.

What our client said:

“We were heavily reliant on the skills, work ethic, creativity and ‘never-say-die’ attitude of the Peru team to drive the programme forward in a way that maximised efficiency and effectiveness. Peru worked as a fully integrated part of our Programme Leadership team and was instrumental in driving through change.” VP, Data Centre Migration Programme Executive


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