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Peru's commitment

This FTSE-100 Financial Services company was aiming to create a more agile company, using IT infrastructure and applications to deliver metrics that could keep it ahead of the competition.  Peru committed to guiding this client through a complex network transformation process, whilst minimising impact on 30,000 IT users in 10 business across 22 countries, with a particular focus on management of voice and data transfer.

The substance

Peru employed a collaborative network transformation strategy, keeping quality and delivery timescales in mind. This included:

  • A coherent Global Network Strategy that met the business’s agility strategy
  • A benchmark for the sourcing and management of networks and applications
  • A global network technical design master ‘blueprint’
  • Robust financial models to present a compelling case for changing the network infrastructure
  • A business case and processes for financially re-charging the new solution to internal divisions
  • A service management model for a multi-supplier solution.

Once the groundwork had been completed, Peru was then asked to:

  • Manage the entire international project and technical implementation
  • Proactively manage performance and service improvement plans
  • Implement and run service management of the solution including supplier relationships.

The outcomes

Peru and the organisation’s IT team delivered a new international network, meeting all the agreed functional and non-functional requirements.  The implementation was error-free, on time and on budget, with a smooth transition into the new support service to co-exist with legacy systems and services.

Once in place, the transformed network supported business agility by allowing regional business units to seamlessly enter or exit the network as required.

What our client said:

“Peru’s dedication, determination and attention to detail was instrumental in keeping the current service running. In parallel, creative thinking plus rigorous planning delivered a successful implementation of an enhanced network service that fully supports our business strategy for agility and global collaboration.” Head of Technology Services


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