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Peru's commitment

A time-challenged and high-risk IT and Trading Platform programme was required to support a high-profile Government initiative. The platform solution brought together a range of IT and call centre providers and Financial services specialists into a complex supplier ecosystem.

Peru Consulting committed to Programme Healthcheck that assessed the complex set of interrelated risks and issues presented to this UK Government Department.  The most critical aspect here was whether the proposed solution was scaleable enough to meet forecast user demand, while operating effectively across a range on interfaced systems within external organisations.

The substance

Working within a Major Projects Assessment (MPA) regime, Peru developed a comprehensive IT Programme Readiness and Solution Assurance assessment model.

This was explicitly structured to assess a range of key risks and dependencies and covered the programme structure and definition for the entire IT and Trading platform, including its main services and technical solutions elements.

Using its experience of Programme and IT solution design and systems integration, Peru ensured:

  • The model could be configured into assessment “packages”, allowing rapid review with a high level of confidence
  • The proposed solution was fit-for-purpose
  • The solution met its prescribed operating parameters for order processing, trading response and capacity, data processing and storage.

The Programme Healthcheck required intensive work with the lead solutions integrator and key Government Departments - such as HM Treasury - with additional input and guidance from Government Digital Services.

The outcomes

By using the rapid assessment approach and specialist programme advisory support, clear outcomes were delivered:

  • A set of remedial and risk-reducing actions to the Programme structure, partner management regime and resourcing strategy
  • Roles, outcomes and ownership ensuring accountability were clearly defined and designated
  • A range of recommendations that led to a re-sizing of processing capability and capacity, the provision of additional human resources and key technical specialists to reduce over-stretch risks
  • A dependencies matrix that gave a clearer view of the complex hierarchy of inter-dependencies to ensure more effective programme management.

Overall, Peru's assessment provided a range of risk-reducing actions and raised the levels of confidence in outcomes and readiness for market activity.


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