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Strategy iconEffective QA Strategy for a global
engineering enterprise


Peru's commitment

This multinational engineering client needed to ensure its market-leading reputation for product quality was reflected in the standards applied to a complex internal IT data and application migration programme.

Peru committed to:

  • Ensuring internal and external auditors had full confidence in both the process and the outcomes
  • Ensuring external regulatory requirements were fully understood and compliant in all the countries impacted by the change
  • Striking a balance between the need for rigour of traceability and document control, and an efficient migration process
  • Creating and implementing the appropriate levels of governance and control to ensure programme quality but avoid unnecessary complexity

The substance

Peru worked collaboratively to specify, define and implement a tailored Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Strategy designed to handle a high throughput of application migrations. This included:

  • Classifying applications according to both test complexity and external regulatory requirements (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley) using a risk-based approach
  • Specifying the suite of test documents and evidence required for each application class
  • Facilitating production of guidance documents, templates and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ materials to ensure stakeholders were fully briefed in the end-to-end migration QA process
  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of every stakeholder in relation to the QA programme
  • Developing a clear governance process to control throughput, ensure quality of service to users and address issues
  • Producing a repository of documented evidence for external audit of the whole migration process, including compliance with corporate and external security, access control and financial reporting policies.

The outcomes

At the outset, the client’s own QA and Testing functions were not equipped to support this unique, high-volume application and data migration programme.  As a result, Peru Consulting's QA Strategy and migration process ensured:

  • An aggressive schedule for the country data centres was completed on time and on budget
  • The appropriate level of testing was applied to every application, saving time and effort by reducing migration complexity and unforeseen issues
  • Greater focus on more complex, business-critical and regulated systems
  • Minimal disruption to business users throughout the process, with clearly defined stakeholder responsibilities and robust governance
  • All relevant external suppliers were fully engaged in the QA process, including influencing its overall design and implementation.
  • Hundreds of application migrations were conducted successfully, with the QA regime passing subsequent audits with "flying colours".

What our client said:

We were heavily reliant on Peru Consulting skills and experience in the programme governance domain to drive the programme in a quality assured way…meaning that in addition to getting things done, we had to ensure that both our external and internal auditors were satisfied that all processes and documentation were complete and accurate.” VP, Global Engineering, Data Centre Migration Programme


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