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Balancing Legacy & Innovation through "Agile"

For any company, there should be two goals. Firstly, a realistic vision of future ambition and secondly, clarity on how an efficient and optimal organisation will support its plans for growth.

For retail banks to achieve these two key corporate goals, in-house and outsourced teams need to understand their role in minimising the time and money-sapping demands of unforeseen operational events.

This needs to be delivered within the rapidly-changing context of a highly competitive sector, as highlighted by Peru Consulting’s latest research: Retail Banking IT – Turn to Face the Change.

Increasing the corporate bandwidth

The Puppet ‘2017 State of DevOps report’ explains the startling differences between high-performing and lower-performing teams when it comes to delivering solutions. High-performance should measure-up something like this:

  • 46 times more frequent code deployments
  • 440 times faster lead time from commit to deploy
  • 96 times faster mean time to recover from downtime
  • 5 times lower change failure rate (changes are 1/5 as likely to fail)

Call in DevOps

Although recognised Agile delivery practices have been in existence for almost 20 years as the standard by which software is delivered and maintained, for many in retail banking IT the promise of Agile hasn't been fully realised.

Software may now be built iteratively and incrementally, but release procedures aren't aligned to respond in a way that meets the end users’ need, despite organisations increasingly adopting the DevOps approach.

Building blocks

According to IndigoBlue, developers of the Adapt 2.0™ governance framework, the most effective way to improve the flow from the business stakeholders into Agile delivery teams is by optimising portfolio management and managing the resolution of uncertainty.

However, as with other sectors, retail banking IT Service Operations teams have taken pride in processes that deploy packaged and tested software whilst ensuring that nothing breaks.

Achieving breakthrough

So how to break through the wall and avoid the almost inevitable Service Operations delay?

  • Start with early engagement between Service Operations and Development
  • Ensure the Product Owners and Developers actively seek and prioritise the Service Operations requirements
  • Encourage Software Architects to engineer scalability and resilience into the design of the software and communicate this to the Service Operations team
  • Provide Service Operations with an understanding of the level of demand for early releases and the impact of any potential failure.
  • Build the ‘path to live’ early, even if this is never released to the outside world. Know that the end-to-end deployment process works and can be trusted.

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As one of Peru’s Principal Consultants, Ian Robinson has put his strong track record in driving innovation, transformation and good use, delivering successful change for AIB (Allied Irish Banks), Natwest, Coutts and Barclays.

Rob Smith is IndigoBlue’s managing director. Recognised as leaders in Agile and Lean software delivery, Rob and his team have worked extensively to help build highly effective Agile delivery teams at Aviva, Dixons Carphone, Metropolitan Police, Catlin and Prudential.

You can download the Peru Retail IT Banking Report here.

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