Facing the IT challenges in a new retail banking world

Research: Retail Banking IT - turn to face the change

In talking to 100 senior banking technology leaders and 1000 consumers, this Peru-commissioned research highlights the challenges facing the traditional retail banking sector.

The retail banking sector is facing internal and external pressures which require IT leaders to turn traditional banking 'supertankers' fast enough to meet the headwinds of customer expectations, while avoiding the 'icebergs' of more agile competitors.   

Topics covered in this report include:

  • The change in customer needs and demands from retail banks
  • New customer experiences being delivered by challenger banks and fintech
  • The threat of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA)
  • The challenge of retaining customer loyalty
  • The mixed blessing of open APIs
  • Balancing new features and products with data security
  • The anchor of legacy dragging back innovation
  • The challenge of attracting the best IT talent to a traditional environment
  • Five Ways to turn and face the change

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