Blueprints designed for optimal IT performance


The true value of architecture is to ensure that IT investments are optimised and fully aligned to your business priorities and delivered with a pragmatic implementation plan.

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Peru offers a wide range of architecture services using tried and tested methodologies based on industry best-practice frameworks such as TOGAF.

Our architecture practice is fully integrated with our other services, enabling us to deliver value to you across the full lifecycle from strategy development, through creation of roadmaps, sourcing strategy and into delivery while ensuring the service model is appropriate.

Our flagship roadmap product will assess a capability or domain to determine whether the current state is optimal, define a vision for the future and set out a plan to realise the goals.


Application Integration Assessment
Peru assesses legacy and strategic business applications to help focus on a more automated approach to data integration and management.

Architecture Roadmaps
Peru turns IT strategies into pragmatic IT programmes with clear delivery plans and business-wide support.

Architecture & Tech Review
Peru provides compelling business cases for replacing legacy IT - only where needed - while reducing business risk and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).