Turning IT strategies into
pragmatic programmes

Architecture roadmaps

Are your IT strategies too often designed from the CIO function outwards?

Peru’s approach is different, creating technology plans that start with an organisation-wide view and are sustainable in the long-term.


Seeing the big picture

Designing a sustainable technology plan that can deliver value to the whole of the organisation means a commitment to:

• Gaining buy-in across the business for IT change

• Reducing/eliminating duplicated services

• Avoiding tactical solutions or workarounds

• Reducing costs from legacy conflicts

• Driving improved technology performance

• Ensuring optimum IT cost management


From vision to veracity

Peru’s Architecture Roadmapping process takes a collaborative approach and uses proven tools and processes to turn the vision of an IT strategy into a clear, deliverable technology plan.

Along the way, Peru will examine the state of technologies within the business and compare them to best-in-sector IT structures; measure existing technical and human resource capabilities across the organisation; test the strategy against the overall needs and motivations of the business.

Peru will not recommend change for the sake of it and is always mindful of the big picture, rather than taking a project-focused perspective.

Understanding IT requirements


The Perfect Plan

The mapping process may be complex, but the outcome is very simple: a clearly defined technology plan, aka an IT Architecture Roadmap.  In essence, this includes the following:

• A clear view of the maturity of existing technology

• A vision of how existing IT infrastructure will be transformed

• A map of existing and required capabilities across the business

• A detailed schedule of the investment needed

• A series of clearly defined work packages to deliver the plan