Healthy IT relationships from optimised partnerships


Whether your IT services are provided internally or by external partners, Peru can help you to optimise them.

Optimisation imageWe run insightful health checks to recommend real improvements in service management and performance, technology capabilities and supplier charges.  This draws upon our direct industry experience as well as a wealth of industry-wide and sector-specific benchmarking information.

All of this helps clients contain and reduce costs, improve IT delivery performance and optimise value from service providers.

Contract and Relationship Review
Peru can help negotiate more sustainable contracts and build better IT outsourcing relationships to improve IT value and enhance service quality.

IT Consumption Review
Peru’s IT Service Consumption Review is a unique approach to IT infrastructure and its management.

IT Cost Optimisation
Peru’s IT Cost Optimisation service offers experience and detailed knowledge to make substantial OPEX savings. Cost Optimisation differs from Peru’s Total Cost of Ownership Review in that it can be focused on specific areas, looking for relatively quick w

Maturity Assessment
There are times when something "isn't quite right" in the team. Our Maturity Assessment offers a fresh perspective on current individual, system and process performance to transform and optimise teams.

Portfolio Assessment
What do you do when IT change fails consistently to meet business expectations?

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Turn to Face the Change is a survey of 100 senior banking IT leaders and 1,000 UK consumers, highlighting the pressures facing the traditional retail banking sector from customer expectations and agile competition.

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