Is your IT over-charged
and under-serviced?

IT Cost Optimisation

Peru’s IT Cost Optimisation service offers experience and detailed knowledge to make substantial OPEX savings. Cost Optimisation differs from Peru’s Total Cost of Ownership Review in that it can be focused on specific areas, looking for relatively quick wins. (The TCO Review takes a wider, more strategic view of cost saving opportunities.)

Cost Optimisation reviews actual IT spend for an agreed scope of services and commodities and identifies potential savings. Peru provides comprehensive cost optimisation plans to allow the identified savings to be realised.

Whilst dependant on a number of factors, our IT Cost Optimisation service would identify areas within your IT spend where significant OPEX savings could be made. If a similar review has not been done before, we would expect to see identified savings in the region of 10-20% 


Item by Item

It is easy to lose track of services and application changes and charges, or day-to-day IT expenditure. Failing to stay on top of these issues often ends in ever-inflating supplier bills, which can contain regular and costly errors.

Peru is committed to identifying financial, time and resource savings using its detailed cost optimisation methodology.


Breadth and Depth

Peru’s IT Cost Optimisation methodology delivers a suite of business management information, all aimed at providing clear data relating to the in-scope IT costs.  This includes:

• Segmented cost summaries

• Performance against budget and variance reasons

• Forecasted spend vs budget

• Demand management and usage analysis

• Cost saving initiatives and progress

• Billing anomalies and errors including overcharging

• Exception reports


Service That Delivers

Peru will deliver comprehensive cost optimisation plans, which detail where potential savings are identified and how the savings can be realised. Our cost optimisation plans assess risk, time and investment in addition to the accuracy of your actual IT costs, with the intention of removing unnecessary expenditure from the IT bills - so you only pay for exactly what you use.

IT cost optimisation can also be fully integrated with complementary Peru services, including benchmarking and service optimisation.

Cost & resource chart