How much IT capacity
do you really have?

IT consumption review

Peru’s IT Service Consumption Review is a unique approach to IT infrastructure and its management.

Using proven analysis tools and sector experience we provide an independent and realistic appraisal of an organisation’s IT needs to ensure a sustainable balance between existing spend and new investment.


Head in the clouds

Peru is committed to helping organisations create a realistic, transparent profile of IT hardware and software consumption against existing and future capacity. A Consumption Review removes the guesswork and challenges perceptions of infrastructure needs and capabilities. This allows you to establish a financial case to justify the most appropriate methods of optimisation to challenge existing supply models.

We provide credible data combined with independent, unbiased expertise in rationalising applications and infrastructure and identify the best possible methods of optimisation, including Cloud-based services.


An honest appraisal

How much capacity does your organisation actually use and how much does it really need? Most companies focus on relatively straightforward analysis of price and service quality. However, only a full review of IT Service Consumption provides the robust data needed to deliver substantive outcomes.

Our Review incorporates specially developed tools to analyse a wide range of technology infrastructure services including, storage, mainframes, servers, software and data networking infrastructure. It also examines demand and capacity management processes to provide detailed consumption reports.

CRM system


A call to action

A Peru IT Service Consumption Review allows you to take direct cost-saving action and make sustainable strategic decisions.

In addition, our Review:

• identifies best practice improvements to consumption management

• provides a clear delivery plan for technical optimisation

• recommends process changes including potential moves to virtualised, private and public cloud services.

Because Peru is supplier-independent and fully impartial, our Reviews offer complete confidence in the advice you receive, allowing you to challenge and encourage suppliers to deliver optimal products and services.


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