Creating lasting, effective client/supplier relationships

Contract and Relationship Review

Poor relationships can cost organisations money and damage business reputations. Peru’s Contract & Relationship Review helps develop effective IT partnerships that deliver greater value, reduce costs and ensure better quality services.


A catalyst for dialogue

Peru is committed to developing effective, quality-driven, long-term relationships between in-house teams and their IT suppliers. Strong relationships deliver clear and measurable benefits to both parties, maximising the chances of delivering projects on time and on budget, while ensuring consistent delivery of high quality IT products and services.

Collaboration is always better than conflict and Peru provides the catalyst to develop, strengthen and enhance dialogue between clients and suppliers. A commitment to an independent, balanced approach runs throughout Peru’s model of client support for IT contract sourcing, negotiation and execution, establishing strong and sustainable client/supplier relationships.


Identifying the broken and the brilliant

The success of IT client/supplier relationships is built on trust and solid foundations, with clear contracts and realistic service level agreements. An initial Peru ‘health check’, as part of the review, clearly identifies what is working well, or, where relationships may be breaking or about to break.

The reviews are comprehensive and, above all, honest. We won’t recommend change for changes sake but, equally, we will not shy away from helping clients and suppliers tackle and overcome difficult issues and will provide clear advice and recommendations for both sides of the relationship.

By accurately determining the maturity of all aspects of the outsourcing relationship, positive practices and remedial activities can be identified.


A clear plan for success

A Peru review provides a clear, prioritised plan that delivers the following benefits:

1. Agreement to jointly tackle areas of concern.

2. Stronger, long-term relationships built on trust, understanding and clear targets and goals.

3. Enhanced communication of client requirements leading to improved product and service performance from suppliers.

4. A mutual understanding of the challenges facing clients and suppliers and how both can work together to overcome these.

5. The basis for negotiation of contract change or extensions.

Client Perception vs Supplier Perception chart