Are you getting the most from your IT portfolio?

Portfolio assessment

When IT change fails consistently to meet business expectations, Peru’s Portfolio Assessment pinpoints both best practise and under-performing areas of IT portfolios, helping you to deliver the right elements faster and more cost effectively.


Disappointment to delight

Organisations invest a huge amount of money, resources, energy and emotion into change initiatives to improve their businesses. Unfortunately, results often fail to meet expectations. A recent Gartner study claimed 75% of IT projects are considered failures.

Peru is committed to transforming IT and businesses as a whole by identifying the underlying causes of poor change performance and implementing practical remediation plans. We turn disappointment into delight but, more importantly, transform economic nightmares into processes that make financial sense and deliver a return on investments across the entire business.


A recipe for success

Given that no single factor leads to impaired performance, Peru’s Portfolio Assessment uses a proven six step method to evaluate change projects from an internal and external perspective. We compare the maturity of a client’s organisation against similar companies and unravel complex change elements to identify the areas of strength and weakness.

Peru’s consultants have a wealth of experience in managing large change portfolios and delivering major programmes, meaning we can identify the right mix of ingredients to set measurable objectives, minimise stress and develop realistic plans and timescales.


Knowledge is power

A Peru Portfolio Assessment delivers knowledge that, in turn, provides a powerful catalyst for change across an organisation, regardless of the function that is driving it. The information is factual, credible and intuitive providing benefits including:

• Re-aligned activities and outputs

• Enhanced control and reduced costs

• Shorter project timescales

• Improved staff morale and increased performance

• Benchmark measurement of current performance and future improvements

Simply stated, Peru’s approach will help to reduce the number of delayed and over-budget projects.

Current state chart


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