Are your IT suppliers
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Contract & Vendor Management

Ensuring outsourced IT contracts deliver on their obligations and promises, to optimise operational performance and return on investment.

According to recent research, the total contract value of global commercial IT outsourcing contracts signed in Q1 2017 was 12.4bn Euros (£11bn). That level of investment requires constant management and monitoring, even for the smallest contracts, to ensure optimum returns.


Sustainable efficient relationships

External supplier relationships can significantly influence business performance, so analysis and management of supplier activity can be crucial to overall company success.

Peru is committed to ensuring companies achieve the best possible efficiency and operational performance from their supplier relationships.  Our Contract and Vendor Management Team offers a range of support, from developing relationship management strategies to real-time management and analysis throughout the life of the contract.

Creating successful relationships chart


Making the complex manageable

Outsourced contracts and relationships vary widely and are often complex in structure and implementation.  Peru helps companies manage suppliers themselves, or maintain the relationships on the client's behalf, in three key areas:.

  1. Strategy – Peru's strategic review usually includes detailed analysis of the client business, systems and supplier segmentation, as well as providing an Organisational Design to create or transform a Contract & Vendor Management function.
  2. Real-time management – Peru's team can support the complex elements of working with suppliers throughout the term of the contract. This includes Commercial and Contractual, Service, Programme and Governance management.
  3. Negotiation – Peru brings a wealth of experience to the table to lead the negotiation of complex contracts, develop sustainable contracts to strengthen long-term relationships, or enhance an in-house teams' own negotiation skills.


Improved performance; stronger ROI

The most successful client/supplier relationships are based on clear business goals and effective, collaborative management.

Peru's Contract and Vendor Management services ensure both client and supplier keep a clear focus on the IT detail while never losing sight of the overall business objectives.  To achieve this, typical outcomes include:

  • A detailed analysis of supplier targets and on-going performance
  • A clear, regularly-reviewed and sustainable management strategy
  • Strong investment returns - and even savings - from matching costs and payments to the agreed contract
  • Positive, sustainable and collaborative long-term relationships with key suppliers.