Are your IT suppliers
providing best value?

Strategic Sourcing

A strategic approach to gaining long-term, sustainable value from your suppliers

Ensuring commercial IT contracts deliver on their obligations and promises for improved operational performance and savings, requires a co-ordinated approach to contract and vendor management.


Sustainable & efficient relationships

External supplier relationships can underpin overall business performance and management of those suppliers is critical to overall success.

Peru is committed to ensuring clients achieve the most from their supplier relationships, in both efficiency and operational performance, by developing strategies for managing relationships through to their active management.


Making the complex manageable

Outsourced vendor contracts vary signficantly depending on the organisation..  Peru's Strategic Sourcing focuses primarily on improving the Total Cost of Ownership. Contract and Vendor Management (VM) required a flexible approach and methodology to manage these, often complex, relationships in three key areas:

  • Strategy - Peru's strategic reviews generally include analysis of the Client Business, Supplier Segmentation,  Systems and Organisational Design, to create or transform a Contract & VM function.
  • Active management - to support the many different facets suppliers management throughout the life of the contract.  This can include Service, Programme, Commercial and Contractual, and Governance management.
  • Negotiation - Peru can bring a wealth of experience to the table when negotiating complex contracts, either through leading the negotiations themselves, developing sustainable contracts, or coaching in-house negotating teams.


Improved performance; stronger relationships

The strongest contracts and vendor relationships are based on collaboration to achieve the client's overall business goals.

Typically, outsourced suppliers are used to support increased operational efficiency, improved customer service and/or more reliable IT service delivery.

Peru's Contract & Vendor Management services deliver the strongest possible outcomes including:

  • Comprehensive and transparent analysis supplier performance
  • The correct payments being made under the terms of the contracts
  • Cost savings are made by ensuring optimum supplier performance
  • A clear and sustainable strategy to ensure the long-term future of any key supplier relationship