Are your IT suppliers
providing best value?

Supplier Benchmarking

Are you confident your IT suppliers are providing best value?

Peru’s Supplier Benchmarking provides comparative cost and service profiles, along with expert insight, to clearly demonstrate areas where businesses can extract greater value from their IT spend. Typically, we identify potential OPEX savings of 10% – 20%.


Outstanding IT benchmarking

Peru’s comparator data is gathered through our UK and internationally based FTSE100 and FTSE250 clients as well as large public sector organisations.

Our benchmarking data reflects both technology and supply chain trends, including Cloud Computing, Big Data and Next Generation Networks. It’s never based on a ‘commoditised model’.

Peru is committed to treating all comparative data with absolute confidentiality, presenting genuine statistics with total anonymity.

Light Touch process


Budget spend, peer comparison, real savings

Effective IT benchmarking requires a detailed understanding of the underlying service, technology mix, service performance and commercial parameters. Peru benchmarking enables organisations to measure the cost efficiency of their IT services and price competitiveness of supplier arrangements.

Peru benchmarking compares your organisation with industry and sector specific peers, adding analysis which provides substantial knowledge to assist strategic change, internal cost efficiency programmes and contract negotiation.


Vital Intelligence

Peru’s benchmarking reports give clear results which lead to positive commitment and direct action. Benchmark charts are supported by commentary and expert insight based on years of experience, using data comparison and knowledge of relevant client markets.

Because Peru is totally product and supplier independent and fully impartial, the benchmarking reports offer you complete confidence in the advice given, often serving to strengthen existing supplier and outsourcing relationships.