Are you Cloud ready?


Cloud Readiness Assessment

Has your business established how to use cloud technologies effectively and manage them for the best return on investment? Peru’s Cloud Readiness Assessment ensures a mature, well-considered approach to cloud technologies and services, while minimising the risks.

Our assessments not only determine how best to use cloud in your business, but also identify the impact of migration to cloud and training needs within business teams.


A smart way to the Cloud

Peru is committed to ensuring a clear understanding of cloud and its business implications from the outset.  Our initial Cloud Discovery workshop will explain the new ways of working, technical skills and different management activities required for effective Cloud implementation.  It will also help us create an analytical profile of an organisation and its IT infrastructure, including systems security requirements and service costs. These can then be aligned with future business goals and needs.


A state of readiness

With the analytics in place, Peru can work over a four to five week period with key business team members to determine an organisation's state of Cloud Readiness.

The core of this is identifying where cloud technologies and services can be used to best effect within the business.  Added to this is a template identifying potential issues in implementing the change to cloud, the risks involved and how to advise teams on the best way to overcome the challenges.



At the end of Peru's Cloud Readiness Assessment process will be a clear, re-useable blueprint for adopting cloud technologies and migrating across to them.

But, Peru recognises that the IT migration process is usually complex and involves the whole organisation, rather than just the technical team.  So, our Readiness Assessment report also includes a cost benefit analysis, any potential roadblocks and preparation required ahead of implementation - all relating directly to existing infrastructure and business goals.

Cloud Readiness Assessment process

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