Quality Assurance: good for IT; good for business

QA Strategy & Delivery

A tailored Quality Assurance approach that will enable effective adoption of any change needed in IT/IS to achieve wider business goals.

Whether you're developing software, applying major upgrades or fixes, consolidating applications, migrating services to Cloud, or undertaking other QA-intensive initiatives, we'll help you develop and implement the right Quality Assurance Strategy.


A tailored approach, not one-size-fits all

Applying a pragmatic, realistic Quality Assurance Strategy within an organisation will minimise wasted time and effort, while enhancing IT quality and user satisfaction.

Peru is committed to helping build QA Strategies tailored to specific IT/IS transformation change programmes and supporting the communication and cultural change, to enable the business to move seamlessly to the new service.

The organisation itself must be committed to providing the required time, resources and investment, along with robust and workable processes and procedures.


Clarity and pragmatism

Peru begins by capturing the existing baseline QA capabilities, processes and environments within your organisation. In addition, we will:

  • Analyse IT initiatives requiring testing and qualification and tailor the right approach for each
  • Detail the governance structures required for controlling the end-to end QA process, managing escalations and ensuring prompt user acceptance
  • Bring a host of expertise including assessment tools, processes, implementation templates, proven governance models and advice on hosting collateral for audit purposes
  • Clarify stakeholders' roles and responsibilities
  • QA healthcheck existing initiatives if required


Quality Assurance to transform your business' IT

The core outcome is a QA approach tailored to the IT/IS initiative; designed to ensure the change is executed and delivered promptly and accepted willingly across the business.

Specific outcomes include:

  • The required level of stakeholder involvement achieved at all levels
  • A documented QA Strategy, Roadmap and process description
  • Templates, guidance documentation, knowledge management advice
  • Support for programme and change audits that required interrogation of evidence e.g. system due diligence, test protocols and outcomes
  • Clarity for all stakeholders of their roles, responsibilities and interfaces with other teams
  • Robust governance and support for any internal approval for progress control and issue resolution

Test Process & Responsibility chart