Does your IT = ROI?


TCO Review

Do you know what your organisation spends on IT? Peru’s Total Cost of Ownership Review allows organisations to analyse their IT costs using proven tools and market insight to maximise returns.

Typically, our reviews help generate savings of 10% – 20% as well as allowing you to justify sustainable, long-term investment.


A sustainable long-term approach to IT costs

Peru is committed to a TCO process that takes a clear, structured approach – including consideration of current and historical business activity, as well as the economic environment - while cutting through industry hype. We examine IT costs, how they compare and, crucially, what drives them, enabling you to ensure a maximum return on IT investment.


Collate, Compare, Choose

We collate and analyse the total IT spend of an organisation, both internal and external, using a comprehensive set of tried-and-tested templates and tools.

Analysis includes IT spend and ‘normalised’ peer data to ensure like-for-like comparison, presenting a clear picture of the organisation’s internal and external IT budget and investment position. Having created a full picture of what is (and had been) spent, how it is spent, and what drives these costs, Peru then takes this information to the next stage: identifying areas where spending choice exists.


Knowledge for “Informed Buying”

Peru’s holistic, comprehensive TCO reports provide knowledge and insight to enable strategic and sustainable IT investment.

Because Peru is totally supplier independent and fully impartial, TCO reports offer complete confidence in the data used and the advice given, often helping to strengthen existing supplier and outsourcing relationships or become the catalyst for informed change. Our reports enable IT teams and financial functions to become “Informed Buyers”, ensuring IT runs as a business, not just as a supplier to the business.

Total IT costs