Seamless migration: whatever to wherever

Data Centre & Cloud Migration

Determining the right environment for migrated applications and data is vital, as is ensuring a smooth migration flow to minimise disruption to users and customers.

Migrating applications and data is a complex and risky undertaking, wherever they are held. Equally, the target destinations may range from internal strategic facilities to externally hosted Cloud solutions, each with different architectures and protocols.


A 'factory' approach to maximising effectiveness

Peru is committed to building Application and Data migration 'factories', tailored specifically for individual business needs and comprised of the capabilities, processes and resources necessary to achieve standardised migrations to a range of target environments, including the Cloud.

This commitment includes templates that can be repeated across all aspects of every migration within the business, allowing high data throughput to maximise bandwidth use, minimise application downtime and provide a clear audit trail.

Collaboration with business stakeholders and application owners is at the top of the agenda and is key to success.

The Migration Factory


'Production lines' delivering right-first-time migration

The Peru approach analyses applications' exact levels of complexity, security, privacy, regulatory and business risk, mapping this fully before a single migration is undertaken.

A series of ‘production lines’ are developed as part of the migration 'factory', built in collaboration with a technical migration partner (which Peru can help to source). These lines ensure the right applications are migrated to the most suitable environment. Increasingly, the Cloud is proving to be the ideal home for a broad range of application types.


The business notices...nothing

The application and data migration process will inevitably require a degree of input from business users and application owners; the best possible outcome is for business as usual to remain exactly as usual.

The key outcomes from Peru's Data Centre and Cloud Migration approach are:

  • All migration plans, milestones and dependencies communicated effectively throughout the process
  • All data reaches the correct migration destination in perfect condition
  • All artefacts, documentation and approvals generated during migration are recorded to ensure the highest compliance standards for internal and external audit
  • Post migration 'hypercare' support ensures business confidence in solving any post-migration issues effectively.