Making outsourcing a transformative process

IT Outsourcing

Research shows the value of global commercial IT outsourcing contracts signed in Q1 2017 at 12.4bn Euros (£11bn).  IT outsourcing represents a significant opportunity to deliver transformational business change, but can present management challenges. Peru Consulting has the expertise and real-world experience to help you make the right IT outsourcing decisions and maximise the benefits of your outsourcing partnerships.


An aligned strategy

The decision to outsource IT capability can often lead to the creation of long term, complex relationships which are business-critical.

Whether creating a first-generation outsourced relationship, managing an existing relationship, or taking outsourcing to the next level, Peru Consulting is committed to ensuring a collaborative process with organisations and chosen suppliers to deliver efficient, high-performing IT outsourcing programmes.

IT Outsource commitment chart


A positive lifecycle

The process starts by developing a clear blueprint of future IT operating models.  Once completed and agreed, Peru will then help to:

  • Define scope, brief and process to identify best-fit suppliers
  • Manage supplier selection and the contract process
  • Deliver transition, transformation & benefits programmes
  • Ensure all outsourcing arrangements remain competitive in the market
  • Resolve any contractual or supplier relationship issues that arise

With a team highly experienced in large-scale IT transition & transformation programmes and using proven tools, Peru will also help optimise outsourcing arrangements throughout their lifecycle.


The means to justify the end

We recognise that IT outsourcing is a means to an end, not the end itself. However, using a collaborative approach allows both organisation and outsourced supplier to ROI by focusing on:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • More reliable IT service delivery

Effectively delivered IT outsourcing allows organisations and their IT team spend more time focusing on their business performance.