Keeping you finger on the pulse of IT projects

IT Programme Healthcheck

Very few IT Programmes ever run smoothly from conception to final implementation.  Peru’s Programme Healthcheck provides a rapid and pragmatic diagnostic of struggling or stalled IT projects. It delivers a realistic assessment of a programme's chances of recovery, re-start or maybe a planned closed down that can recover some investment.


Struggling to a standstill?

When key IT projects and programmes begin to struggle, organisations often react by committing more resources to try and steer them back on course. This can become a road to nowhere, with persistent causal issues, structural factors or even political enviroment repeatedly thwarting investment in the project.

Peru is committed to help break the “rescue mission” cycle by delivering a pragmatic, business-focused healthcheck of a major IT project or programme that is often critical to supporting business growth, enabling new services, or providing new capabilities.


The heart of the matter

Our Programme Healthcheck, typically delivered over a 2-3 week period, uses specially developed set of checklists and diagnostic toolstools to flush-out issues and identify their underlying casual factors.

By examining key focus areas - such as governance and change control systems, testing and monitoring, constraints and dependencies - Peru Consulting rapidly builds a true picture of the programme.

The findings are compiled into weekly reports and Programme Healthcheck dashboards to pinpoint the key areas of risk and other internal and external factors that can cause IT programmes to stall or fail to hit the target.

IT Programme Healthcheck Chart


Seeing the wood for the trees

A Peru IT Programme Healthcheck provides every Project Management Team with the clarity it needs to take appropriate decisions on the future of a specific programme. This outomes from this independent assessment include:

  • Clear and unambiguous reports on the true state of a programme and its potential to deliver planned benefits
  • Rapid results from an easy-to-implement set of diagnostic techniques that surface key issues quickly
  • Clarification of why issues and problems have occurred and how they can be potentially resolved
  • Unbiased recommendations, based on sector and technical experience,  for the options available to progress effectively or terminate the programme.